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This is not what I signed up for

The purpose of journalism is, of course, primarily to inform, but also to use the platform to hold authority to

New balls please

Serbian tennis legend Novak Djokovic could have easily avoided becoming embroiled in an international incident by either getting vaccinated or

Things can only get better, or can they?

Looking back on 2021 I was all set to call it the year of the hypocrite, but the closer I

Christmas puddings – or should that be turkeys?

It takes a spectacular level of hypocrisy to accept a job to lead the investigation into alleged parties held in

Acronyms Routinely Scattered Everywhere

I was delighted last week to read that broadcasters and the news media are to stop using the term BAME.

Party petulance goes viral

I can count the number of works Christmas parties I’ve enjoyed on the fingers of one finger. There are few

Is it really too much to ask?

With cases of the new COVID Omicron variant already showing up here (in Brentwood and Nottingham), face masks are to

Brass banned as singer takes the pee

For a performer there are few things better than an enthusiastic, responsive crowd. And they don’t come any livelier than

Wake up you wokers

John Cleese was already one of my heroes before last week, but the fantastic way he exposed woke obsessiveness as

C- words and B- words

The word sleaze became attached to politics in the mid 1990s when a series of scandals rocked John Majors government