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When the bricks are gone all that’s left are foundations

On Thursday one of the few remaining bricks of what used to make up a red wall was swept away

The priority is plugging the brand

The great Frank Zappa once said that the only problem with music was musicians and I tend to feel that

There’s no ‘I’ in team or in greedy b****rs

For about 36 hours at the beginning of last week our most beloved team sport was thrown into an existential

The smell of something gone rotten

Eleven years ago, leader of the opposition and future prime minister, David Cameron described lobbying as “the next big scandal

Grief does not discriminate

Forget the considerable baggage for a moment and spare a thought for a 94-year old woman who has lost her

Sheet music (see what I did there?)

There’s a saying in the music industry that applies to the most commercial end of pop and country which goes:

It’s not you, it’s… no, actually it IS you

TV advertising, more so than print which is not subliminal, is supposed to make us want to buy. They are

Rebels with any cause going

Thousands of people ignored distancing rules at the weekend in an anti lockdown march from Hyde Park to Westminster in

End of the Piers show

Watching Piers Morgan getting, I think the appropriate term is “owned”, by weatherman Alex Beresford on Good Morning Britain and

Betrayal could come at a very high cost

It stands to reason that at some point Chancellor Rishi Sunak was going to have to start clawing that record