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It’s all kicking off again

The new football season has begun and what have we learned from the first weekend of Premier League action? Well.

Lionesses become legends

Well it was never going to be easy, was it? It is England after all. But my goodness, our ladies

Island of lost souls

I am proud to admit that, apart from a few clips on other shows like Gogglebox, I have never watched

Hotter than July

It’s a bit hot out there as I write this (I’m sure someone is probably trying to blame Boris for

The good, the bad and the downright ugly

In my last column I alluded to Harold Wilson’s famous saying that a week is a long time in politics

Enjoy your trip?

One week. That’s all it took to show surely beyond reasonable doubt that our political leaders, both at home at

Off the rails

Watching RMT leader Mick Lynch, and to a lesser extent, CWU general secretary Dave Ward being interviewed in the media

Diving in at the shallow end

Women’s sport finds itself in a bit of a dilemma over transexual competitors. Swimming’s governing body, FINA voted last week

Licence to kick

On Saturday afternoon about 200 people quickly gathered at a Peckham estate in a bid to thwart immigration officers from

Drowning in crocodile tears

The reaction from campaigners and some commentators to the outcome of the defamation case between film star Johnny Depp and