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Flight of fancy

With very little, if anything left to lose, the Goverrnment is playing a numbers game in the hope that we’re

Should have gone to Specsavers

VAR is coming in for a lot of criticism this season with some absolute howlers affecting the outcome of football

What are they playing at?

Two things happened last Wednesday which perfectly encapsulate the sorry state of British politics. At 10.30am, the Supreme Court of

Cruella in-tent-ions

Well it finally happened on Monday. Under the guise of a huge cabinet reshuffle, Suella Braverman was finally removed from

Now then, now then

What has been called “the final Beatles song” was finally released amid much anticipation on November 2 and I have

That defining moment

Throughout history, British Prime Ministers (and indeed any democratically elected world leader, but let’s keep it at home to make

Bobby was the GOAT

Bobby Charlton is the finest player ever to don the England shirt. He scored 49 international goals in 106 appearances

Anti-social media

The past couple of weeks have served as a reminder why I avoid engaging in conversations with people I don’t

Tipping point

Unless you’re actually engaged in it, war is a matter of perception and to those lucky enough not to be

When the bough breaks

I don’t consider myself to be an at one with nature type and a quick look at my jungle of