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All over bar the shouting

WELL it’s over at last – or at least it should be – but judging by the comments I’ve been

Ed’s election shorts #2

I would have written something about Jo Swinson losing her Dunbartonshire East seat when it happened, but I was too

Ed’s election shorts

Exit polls aren’t always reliable, but with Labour strongholds Blyth Valley, Workington and Darlington switching from safe red to blue,

Will things be any different?

It’s nearly make your mind up time and by the end of the week we’ll know just how many of

These are the very best of us

ON Friday, terror once again came to the capital as a 28-year old man in a fake suicide vest went

Doesn’t everyone have shooting weekends?

It takes a very special kind of rank stupidity to get oneself sacked from the Royal ‘firm’, but that’s what

Not the ones that I want – ooh ooh ooh, honey

IT’S a sad fact that telethons like Children In Need and Comic Relief will always be necessary because so many

The gloves are off – now it’s our turn to take responsibility

Judging by the first week of campaigning, the run in to the general election on December 12 is going to

Electile dysfunction

So finally Parliament has reached enough of an agreement to pass something rather than just vetoing everything put before it.

Gender and marital status are not dirty words

In the early 1980s, with the Labour Party making itself unelectable nationally because of its policy for unilateral nuclear disarmament,