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Working on the Kane gang

The only thing certain about Sunday’s Euros final was that England would need to play out of their skins to

Who cares what tech giants know about me – look at what I’m having for dinner

Remember a time before people became obsessed with sharing their unfiltered thoughts with everyone? I do, although I am getting

Sealed with a kiss

There are only maybe three public figures in the country who are stupid enough to grab a crafty snog and

Assisted suicide act dead in the water

In the autumn, Scotland is set to consider for the third time a proposed law on assisted dying for terminally

Kneed for respect

As Wales and Switzerland took the knee before kicking off in their European Championship game in Baku on Saturday afternoon,

Knocking on haven’s door

The G7’s agreement on taxation for multinational corporations may on the face of it look like the beginning of a

Cummings all over the place

It’s incredible to me that a man who just this past week admitted that the last time he faced the

Don’t shoot the messenger

I’m not going to even begin to defend the dodgy dealings that went on to secure Martin Bashir’s interview with

One big boy hug coming right up

I always used to joke to my children when they were growing up that there would never come a day

When the bricks are gone all that’s left are foundations

On Thursday one of the few remaining bricks of what used to make up a red wall was swept away