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Thoughts in isolation

I don’t know how long I’ve been in lockdown. The days sort of melt into each other, there’s no such

Alone but not apart

So, how is isolation treating you all out there? My body clock is all over the place (but it was

Stockpilers should be ashamed

The Government has been coming in for a barrage of criticism over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic with accusations

The gentle barbarian

Never meet your heroes they say – the idea being that they can never measure up to what you perceive

An outbreak of selfishness

Over the past 20 years alone there has been the threat of airplanes falling out of the sky on the

And the award for gratuitous box ticking goes to…

Awards season is finally over and whether it was the Oscars, the BAFTAS, the Globes, the Grammys or the Brits,

Who’s the real Dom in this partnership?

When Armando Iannucci created the classic satirical sitcom The Thick of It, he could never have imagined that a real

And now for something completely different

Over the years I’ve had to attend more than my fair share of functions, awards ceremonies etc., and I have

If there’s an ‘up there’ it’s rockin’

Once Christmas is out of the way and I’ve got through another anniversary of becoming a widower, my mind spends

Battle royal at the Windor’s

They were the Fab Four – the sons of Diana, the Royal Family’s star players set to keep the monarchy