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I do not consent to you coming near me without a mask

I was waiting to pay in my local shop one evening this week when two earlytwentysomethings swaggered in, one wearing

Antisocial media

I committed the ultimate schoolboy error on Saturday by expressing an opinion on social media. I really should know better,

Mindless violence waiting to happen

I can see it now – some tanned squarehead with a shaved scalp and neck tattoo fresh from a two-week

We know it, they know it and they know we know it

We all make mistakes. No one is infallible, no, not even Pope Frank, although he has at least in recent

Entertainment is not a luxury item

One of many things that has become painfully apparent as the world goes to hell in a handcart around us

Own those sins of the past to learn from them

Every nation on the globe has a history seeped in blood – and with the bigger ones it’s as much

So what’s the point I ask myself

What’s the point in saying that students are going to be graded on teacher recommendations because of the pandemic then

Comedy is the great equaliser

I FIRMLY believe that the best way to eradicate old fashioned attitudes to disabilities or attention-grabbing conditions it to normalise

Just put the damn mask on!

I saw a message on Charlie Thomson’s social media this week where someone claimed that the mandatory wearing of masks

I’ll never look at a pomegranate in the same way again

I’m starting to get a little bit concerned. I’ve only got five episodes of series 5 of the podcast My