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Entertainment is not a luxury item

One of many things that has become painfully apparent as the world goes to hell in a handcart around us

Own those sins of the past to learn from them

Every nation on the globe has a history seeped in blood – and with the bigger ones it’s as much

So what’s the point I ask myself

What’s the point in saying that students are going to be graded on teacher recommendations because of the pandemic then

Comedy is the great equaliser

I FIRMLY believe that the best way to eradicate old fashioned attitudes to disabilities or attention-grabbing conditions it to normalise

Just put the damn mask on!

I saw a message on Charlie Thomson’s social media this week where someone claimed that the mandatory wearing of masks

I’ll never look at a pomegranate in the same way again

I’m starting to get a little bit concerned. I’ve only got five episodes of series 5 of the podcast My

A case of the heebie jeebies

Haunted Towns, Help! My House Is Haunted, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted – these programmes all show one after the other

The tide has to turn

I was watching news reports and videos during the week showing litter-strewn beaches at Southend and Bournemouth along with Bristol

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

I don’t care how my laptop, my TV, my car or my phone function. I just switch them on and

All it takes is a # to completely #### things up

Knee jerk reactions are nothing new in today’s world. I’ve seen companies do it before the third syllable of the