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New social housing policy outlined for Havering

Havering Council’s new social housing policy will allow families earning up to £50,000 apply to be on the waiting list.

Jobs at risk as Havering faces huge budget deficit

Havering is facing a £16million budget overspend this year due to a “massive increase” of pressure on social care. Havering

Worker fired by Redbridge Council over debt loses claim for unfair dismissal

A former Redbridge Council employee sacked after bailiffs turned up at his work demanding he pay two overdue fines has

Waltham blocks still in need of fire safety measures

More than 300 “high priority” fire safety fixes in housing blocks in Waltham Forest are still incomplete more than four

Inquest highlights Redbridge social services failure after woman choked on charcoal fumes

A Redbridge woman choked to death on charcoal she was burning to stay warm after her gas and electricity were

Waltham Council buys back right to buy flats to house rough sleepers

Ten former council flats in Walthamstow bought through right-to-buy are being repurchased by Waltham Forest Council to house rough sleepers.

Fire safety laws expected to cause drop in new council homes in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest is expected to see a dramatic drop in the number of new council homes being built after 2023

Walthamstow mum left with leak and gaping hole in ceiling for three months

A single Walthamstow mother was left with a gaping hole in her ceiling for almost three months after the council

Emergency waiting times at Queen’s and King George Hospitals among worst in London

Emergency waiting times at hospitals in outer east London are continuing to worsen due to a lack of available GPs,

Councillor faces legal costs after libel case fails

A Waltham Forest councillor must pay £15,000 in court costs after trying to sue a former colleague without offering proper