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Experimental eco-home goes on show in Walthamstow

A 120-year-old Walthamstow house has been transformed into an “energy efficient eco-home” as an experiment. The Greenleaf Road home is

Waltham Forest Council facing huge budget overspend

Waltham Forest Council must find more ways to cut corners as it faces a predicted budget gap of £13million this

Redbridge finance director warns of council’s “high risk” business ventures

The business ventures of Redbridge Council have been rated as “high risk” because they lack transparent oversight or up-to-date business

Inquest finds Walthamstow woman was failed by GP after cancer went undiagnosed

A Walthamstow mother who suffered from undiagnosed cancer for at least six months before being referred to a cancer clinic

New Walthamstow tower blocks will use more energy, claims professor

The enormous towers being built at the shopping centre in Walthamstow are likely to use twice the energy the same

COVID creates crisis in dentistry

Havering is facing a dentistry crisis as at least 100,000 NHS treatments have been missed since the pandemic began. The

Inquest highlights shocking failures of Redbridge social care in death of Ilford woman

Staff shortages in the social care team at Redbridge Council were so extreme earlier this year that it was effectively

Budget overspend could put Redbridge services at risk

Redbridge Council services may be under threat as it faces a £15million overspend this year. Government COVID grants of about

Harassment of women on Redbridge streets going unreported

Redbridge women are not reporting widespread street harassment because they feel nothing will be done. Nine out of ten women

Compensation for bride after Waltham wedding ruined by concert event

A distressed bride who says her wedding at Waltham Forest Town Hall was ruined by a concert outside has received