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Not all the bells chime for Brexit

That’s it, at 12.00 am Saturday February 1 Brussels time, we leave the European Union. Or 11 pm Friday January

Political parties must stop undermining local media with fake newspapers

By News Media Association chairman David Dinsmore News brands, and in particular local newspapers and their websites, have a critical

Brexit fatigue no excuse to get on with it

I can fully appreciate why so many are heartily sick of Brexit; billions has been spent on it so far,

Wickford like a shanty town

While I uphold the council for not allowing the building of flats on the old Swan Garage site, the site

Worrying rise in suicide rates

For those of us working in frontline mental health services it is extremely worrying to see a rise in suicide

No respect for Brexit

With each latest ‘scaremongering’ story I hear from the ‘project fear’ camp, there seems to follow an instruction for all