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Magical mystery tour

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness (12A, 126 minutes) Mystic arts and witchy goings-on are what draw me to

A classic in the making

The Northman (15, 137 Minutes) Blood dictates fate in Robert Eggars’ brutal story of revenge, which acts as both a

X-ception to the rule

X (18, 106 Minutes) If you’ve spared the time to put yourself through the torture of reading some of my

Messing about on the river

Death On The Nile (12A, 127 Minutes) For a self proclaimed “great detective” Hercule Poirot only seems to find work

Stopping the rot

Amulet (99 Minutes, 15) Good things come in threes. We’re reaching the end of January and, thus far, I’ve given

Blade bummer

Scream (18, 1hr 54mins) Confession time. I had never seen the original Scream. One might ask how on earth that’s

Witless prequel fails to convince

The King’s Man (15, 131 Minutes) What better way to start off a post-christmas cinema trip than an irate father

Web warrior spins a new crowd pleaser

Spider-Man: No Way Home (12, 148 Minutes) As I sat uncomfortably in my broken seat, ‘lads’ refusing to put their

Fashion faux pas

House of Gucci (15, 157 Minutes) What do you get when you put a legendary director, a fun story and

Ghostbusters reboot lacks spirit

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (12A, 125 Minutes) Who you gonna call? The CGI department! Just when you thought they couldn’t resurrect yet