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King of the rings

SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS (12A, 132 Minutes) Marvel fans, who seem to be everywhere these days,

Life’s a beach on a night to forget

Old (15, 108 minutes) You don’t need a sixth sense to reach a conclusion with ‘Old’. With a terrifying concept

What a Wandaful world

WandaVision Episode 1 & 2 (Disney+) I try not to make a habit of heaping praise on the superhero genre.

Mank looks a favourite for awards

Mank (12, 131 Minutes) It is almost mandatory for an exceptional film to be crafted in the flames of despair.

Witch Hathaway the only spell on show here

The Witches (PG, 105 Minutes) For someone who loves a sip from the holy grail of originality, I would be

When the saint goes marching in

Saint Maud (15, 83 Minutes) In a world of never-ending misery, that good old British approach of taking it on

Enola grey

Enola Holmes (123 Minutes, 12) To be a pioneer in feminist cinema, you need to create quirky material, significant and

Time twister proves that cinema is alive and well

Tenet (12A, 150 Minutes) Commuting past Mile End last week, I overheard a husband tell his wife that “art is

Killing Eve still hits the spot

KILLING EVE SERIES 3 (BBC1) Upon the release of its first season in 2018, Killing Eve instantly made its mark

Time of the signs

Misbehaviour (12A, 106 Minutes) After last week’s disastrous encounter with Military Wives, it was wise to catch Philippa Lowthorpe (director