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Fashion faux pas

House of Gucci (15, 157 Minutes) What do you get when you put a legendary director, a fun story and

Ghostbusters reboot lacks spirit

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (12A, 125 Minutes) Who you gonna call? The CGI department! Just when you thought they couldn’t resurrect yet

Crown Jewel

Spencer (12, 111 Minutes) “A fable based on a true story.” Those are the first words we see before we

Imperfect tension and past participants

Last Night in Soho (18, 97 Minutes) Edgar Wright doesn’t seem to ground his career to one location. One minute

Second helping

Venom: Let There Be Carnage (15, 97 Minutes) In the quest to make a good film, big studio producers keep

Follow that Mr Bond

No Time to Die (12, 163 Minutes) 163 minutes is an awfully long time to die, although not as long

King of the rings

SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS (12A, 132 Minutes) Marvel fans, who seem to be everywhere these days,

Life’s a beach on a night to forget

Old (15, 108 minutes) You don’t need a sixth sense to reach a conclusion with ‘Old’. With a terrifying concept

What a Wandaful world

WandaVision Episode 1 & 2 (Disney+) I try not to make a habit of heaping praise on the superhero genre.

Mank looks a favourite for awards

Mank (12, 131 Minutes) It is almost mandatory for an exceptional film to be crafted in the flames of despair.