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Yes tonight Josephine

Napoleon (15, 157 Minutes) I had absolutely no idea who Napoleon Bonaparte was save for the big hat, high waist

Class act

Saltburn (15, 131 Minutes) When director and former Camilla Parker Bowles lookalike Emerald Fennell released her debut film Promising Young


The Marvels (12A, 105 Minutes) Here we go again. Yet another installment in Marvel’s never ending saga. Going in to

Nowhere to Hyde

Doctor Jekyll (15, 89 Minutes) After far too long, the legndary Hammer Studios makes a grand return in director Joe

Another Marty masterpiece

Killers of the Flower Moon (15, 206 Minutes) Scorsese. Isn’t the name alone enough to bring you to the cinema?

The power of cash compels you

The Exorcist: Believer (15, 111 Minutes) No one can deny what an exceptional film The Exorcist is. Upon its release,

A real page turner

The Lesson (15, 103 Minutes) Sharp, witty and full of gems, this twisted game of cat and mouse is a

Second to nun

The Nun II (15, 110 Minutes) What can be said about the lovechild of James Wan’s The Conjuring 2? Well,


Theater Camp (12A, 93 Minutes) If you have an appreciation for the arts, you’ve probably tried treading the boards at

Ghost story lacks spirit

Haunted Mansion (12A, 123 Minutes) Disney’s new film adaptation of The Haunted Mansion is dull dull dull. A flavorless money