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When the saint goes marching in

Saint Maud (15, 83 Minutes) In a world of never-ending misery, that good old British approach of taking it on

Enola grey

Enola Holmes (123 Minutes, 12) To be a pioneer in feminist cinema, you need to create quirky material, significant and

Time twister proves that cinema is alive and well

Tenet (12A, 150 Minutes) Commuting past Mile End last week, I overheard a husband tell his wife that “art is

Killing Eve still hits the spot

KILLING EVE SERIES 3 (BBC1) Upon the release of its first season in 2018, Killing Eve instantly made its mark

Time of the signs

Misbehaviour (12A, 106 Minutes) After last week’s disastrous encounter with Military Wives, it was wise to catch Philippa Lowthorpe (director

Choir hits a flat note

Military Wives (12A, 112 Minutes) With the misery of the new Bond film being delayed by seven months, I decided

Plenty to see here

The Invisible Man (15, 124 Minutes) “All right, you fools. You’ve brought it on yourselves!”. The maniacal shrieking of Claude

Horrific for all the wrong reasons

Brahms: The Boy II (15) 86 minutes If you’re going to make a horror sequel, you’ve got to put a

Light in the darkness

The Lighthouse (15, 109 Minutes) After the overbearingly sinister ending to his feature debut The Witch, director Robert Eggers unsurprisingly

Copper bottomed comedy gold

The Personal History of David Copperfield (PG, 112 Minutes) As preachy as the writer side of me likes to be