Prolific offender tracked to scene of 10 burglaries in Southend thanks to monitoring tag

A prolific burglar who targeted homes, shops and even a church in the Southend area has been jailed for more than four years.

A police investigation linked Micky Scott, 32, to ten burglaries, many involving the theft of high value items or the damage of property worth thousands of pounds.

Scott, from Canvey Island, was released from prison on an electronic monitoring tag in January 2023.

This monitoring proved vital in securing charges against Scott, as he proceeded to swiftly return to a criminal lifestyle throughout February, setting shops, homes and businesses in his sights.

Scott was arrested, alongside co-accused Josh Love, 28, outside an address in Westcliff on February 14. Two windows at the property had been smashed.

Officers had traced Scott’s electronic tag to the property.

Through analysis of his tag, Scott was linked to the burglaries of businesses and homes across Southend throughout the month. He was found to have burgled the Cliffs Pavilion on February 5, taking bottles of alcohol and causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

He was further linked to a burglary at a home in Westcliff on February 5, which involved the theft of two bicycles as well as the burglary of a shop in Westcliff on February 6, which saw a glass door smashed with a brick before alcohol was stolen.

Officers were able to show Scott was at the scene of a burglary at a church in Westcliff on February 7, which saw £1,700 worth of damage caused.

Scott admitted ten counts of burglary, two counts of attempted burglary and one count of theft. Appearing at Basildon Crown Court on Monday October 9, he was jailed for 52 months.

From CCTV analyisis, Love, of Chichester Close, Rayleigh, was also found to be responsible for thefts at shops in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea. He admitted two counts of burglary and two counts of theft.

Appearing at the same court on July 24, he was sentenced to one year and six months’ imprisonment and a 42-week suspended prison sentence was activated.