QE2 bridge remains closed due to protest

Mick Ferris
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The QE2 Bridge on the clockwise M25 remains closed as police attempt to deal with two people who climbed onto the bridge in the early hours of this morning and are positioned high above the motorway.

A diversion is in place through the Dartford Tunnel, but there are considerable traffic delays.

Chief Superintendent Simon Anslow said: “We are continuing to work with our partners to resolve this situation as quickly and safely as possible.

“This is a complex situation due to the height the people on the bridge are at.

“National Highways, who ultimately have responsibility for the bridge and will make the decision about when to re-open it, have made an assessment that it is not currently safe to re-open the road.
“We anticipate the bridge will remain closed through this evening’s rush hour.

“However, a contraflow is in place through the tunnel allowing traffic to move from one side of the river to the other.

“This means traffic is moving but we anticipate your journey will take longer than usual so please plan ahead.”

Mick Ferris

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