Quotes of the week

“Do you know who this is, does everybody know? He’s going to be a fantastic Prime Minister, I can tell you.”

US president Donald Trump tells journalists about Boris Johnson at the G7 summit in Biarritz.

“Unbelievable, It’s one I’ll never forget. I’ve got to try and take it all in. I’m not sure it’ll ever happen again. It’s one of the two best feelings I’ve ever felt on a cricket pitch.”

Ben Stokes after scoring 135 not out to beat Australia at Headingly and keep the Ashes alive.

“It was probably the best Test innings I’ve seen.”

Australia captain Tim Paine

“I think that people have just about had enough of this conversation. And I think they are yearning for a moment when Brexit comes off the front pages. But, that can only happen. when we come out of the EU on October 31.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“The walls of my house shook, there was a really deep, guttural roar. For a moment, I really thought my house was going to fall down.”

Heather Goodwin, a resident of Lytham St Anne’s, after a tremor measuring 2.9 on the Richter scale was felt near the UK’s only active fracking site.

“It’s an action movie, so we are not going to make it with squirty guns or custard pies.”

Actor Gerard Butler defends the use of violence in his movies.

“There are not as many Rickys here, thank God!”

Actress Patsy Palmer says fewer people shout her EastEnders catchphrase in Los Angeles.

“I used to think that David Cameron was the worst prime minister in modern times. Then he was succeeded by that cornucopia of failure, Theresa May. Now we find ourselves required to entrust the country to a man you wouldn’t trust alone with your sister.”

Jeremy Paxman.

“If I was younger I wish I could have told myself that being single was OK because I was always in relationships, I went from relationship to relationship to relationship because I was so frightened of being on my own.”

Actress Emily Atack

“I think we had three golden opportunities to support a deal, I think that the people right now who are saying they would do anything to avoid no-deal had a goal gaping in front of them three times and they hit the ball over the bar.”

Ruth Davidson, after resigning as Scottish Tory leader

“I think the outrage is phoney and it is created by people who don’t want us to leave the European Union and are trying very hard to overturn the referendum result and don’t want the benefits of leaving the European Union.”

Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg

“I think big tech has gotten too big, it’s too powerful a force in our life and it’s taken our choices away. It’s hard to escape.”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak