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Thousands of people ignored distancing rules at the weekend in an anti lockdown march from Hyde Park to Westminster in central London.

The right to peaceful protest is intrinsic to a democratic society, but in these unprecedented times there’s also a social responsibility to consider, something these pound shop conspiracists just don’t possess.

Any move to increase police powers in restricting what is a basic human right, has to be a cause for grave concern, especially after the over reaction to last week’s vigil for Sarah Everard on Clapham Common (dish out PCNs for breaking coronavirus regulations by all means, after all, the fight to stage the event legally was lost in the High Court, but wrestling a woman to the floor and handcuffing her – even if she did go on TV later encouraging people to do it again in Parliament Square on the Monday? I don’t think so).

With a modicum of common sense and consideration, the issue of increasing police powers wouldn’t need to come up anyway.

We’re so close to the point where people who have followed the rules for more than a year will finally be able to see their families again and businesses can begin to bring the economy back to life, yet these vapid mouth breathers would rather make a point based on their own unsubstantiated fantasies than look at the bigger picture.

I’m all for a good conspiracy theory – The UFO cover up, JFK’s assassination, the Illuminati, bank charges, the addictive qualities of Coca Cola, Boris and Carrie’s decorating plans – and if the cause is right, I’m happy to stabd up and be counted, but with the stark facts of COVID-19 staring us in the face, this any-cause-will-do activism which has taken over from the real thing is an insult to everyone who has lost a loved one over the past year.

Maybe these maskless morons who insist the coronavirus is all just a lie to rob people of their rights to civil liberties should be asking the bereaved relatives of COVID-19 victims, how they feel about “freedom”.

Or send them to Turkey and Myanmar so they can get a taste of what repression of human rights really looks like.


I doubt they would care to admit it, but a lot of remainers must be feeling very uncomfortable about the EU’s indefensible petulance over recent weeks.

It’s not the first time they have shown their true colours since we voted to leave and the fact that the UK is dealing so well with its COVID vaccination programme while Europe has shown itself to be woefully unprepared, and in the case of France, in complete denial, is eating away at EC president Ursula von der Leyen like an itch between the shoulder blades that she can’t quite reach.

She made a similar threat about exports a while back regarding Northern Ireland and had to apologise and withdraw her comments a couple of days later.

This time she’s as ready to rumble as a German Wee Jimmy Krankie preparing to drop the nut on anyone accusing her of misleading the Scottish inquiry into former SNP leader Alex Salmond.

Meanwhile, the word “reciprocity” is just begging to be included in crosswords the length and breadth of Britain.


Had my first shot of the AshtraySambucca (©Joe Ferris) vaccine on Saturday and didn’t feel a thing. I’ll let you know if I grow a fourth testicle or suddenly develop a taste for garlic mushrooms.

The first one is the most likely.


Stupid TV quiz answers of the week:

Q: What poulty product has parts called the white, the shell and the yolk?

A: Pass

Q: Which mountain range in the south of France is…



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