Rebels without a clue

The right to protest is intrinsic to any free society. The right to cause civil disruption is not.

And there lies the problem with today’s environmental activists. They give activism a bad name by confusing it with just being a nuisance.

Insulate Britain (even the name fails to inspire) are obviously working to the Extinction Rebellion template of maximum disruption to bring the issue into the public eye regardless of the hypocrisy of their actions.

Sitting themselves down on a motorway slip road and letting traffic pile up with engins idling is hardly environmentally friendly and it just alienates people even further because their actions are detrimental to the cause.

It’s the stunt itself that matters most to them along with the added kudos amongst their fellow oiks of being dragged into a police van.

That might even be forgiveable if they accepted going in that the gesture is all they have because bringing about the sort of change they seek is decided by people who are nowhere near the M25 in Essex at that time of day.

There’s far bigger things to worry about than cavity wall EPS beads and Earthwool in the loft.

When I think back 15 years to my son taking part in a real demonstration against an English Defence League march going through the middle of Luton – EDL central at the time! – and my fears (along with a fair bit of anger, I admit) for the risk he was taking with his safety should things kick off, then compare it to these present day rebels without a clue whose idea of protest is superglueing themselves to concrete, it’s just a joke minus the punchline.

Rather than being the crusaders fighting to save the planet they see themselves as, the reality is these wasters are just attention seeking morons.


“As we stand now, there is absolutely no reported side effect or adverse event of testicular swelling in Trinidad.”

The words of the country’s health minister Terrence Deyalsingh last week.

And what prompted this statement? A tweet by rapper Nicki Minaj about the supposed side effect of the COVID vaccine suffered by a friend of her cousin whose nuts, she asserted, inflated rendering the unfortunate chap impotent.

All bo****ks, of course, but not only did this fake news waste valuable time in her home country while they checked out the veracity of her claims, it also incurred the wrath of Witty during a press conference over here.

Because no matter how ridiculous the story was, she is a public figure and there are people out there who will instantly believe it because it came from her and consequently not have the vaccine. The original tweet has been retweeted more than 90,000 times.

That’s an abuse of the privileged position she occupies in popular culture.


I had planned to write a piece this week about how our benefits and social care system is weighted against the genuinely sick or disabled.

Then comedian Rosie Jones went on Late Night Mash on Thursday and said it all far better than I ever could.

Although the show, seen on the channel Dave, is often far too left for its own good, cerebral palsy sufferer Rosie really hit the mark, as she had previously on Question Time last year.

So rather than reading the rhetoric of someone with most of his faculties intact, check out what she had to say on catch up or Dave’s Facebook page – especially the bit about teaching a man to fish.


Wouldn’t it have been easier all round if Dominic Raab had just been given a certificate for being a special boy?


Oh dear. It looks like we’ve cheesed off the French again. Nevermind, eh?

Stupid TV quiz answers of the week:

Tipping Point

Q: Who did Camilla Parker Bowles marry in 2005?

A: Prince William?

Q: Which part of the brain translates from the Latin as literally “little brain”?

A: Grey matter (something conspicuous by its absence on this show)

The Chase

Q: What hairy creature has its own FBI file?

A: Moose?


Edward Case