Rebels without a clue

The right to protest is intrinsic to any free society, but there is a breed of professional protestor that works to a different agenda.

These rebels with any cause going are more concerned with creating a nuisance than bringing about change through whatever campaign is flavour of the week.

The ultimate aim is anarchy except none of them has a Scooby what happens next should they ever succeed.

There’s a romanticism and kudos attached to being carted off to the police station for a couple of hours, only to return to the middle of a busy road or outside a fuel terminal gate as soon as they are released. They are heroes in a very small naïve peer group of wannabe Che Guevaras.

And I suppose they’re helping to keep Superglue in business.

Women marching in solidarity to voice outrage over the death of Sarah Everard at the hands of a Metropolitan Police officer, now that’s what I call real protest, not sitting on top of a petrol tanker refusing to come down because you’re a naughty boy or sitting in a little tunnel at Esso for a week.

And how do these anti oil and petrol warriors get to where they want to make a spectacle of themselves? BY CAR!

Such rank hypocrisy would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that while they’re playing at being crusaders for a better world, the real deal, who don’t have the luxury of taking the right to free expression for granted in places like Russia and Iran, are shot at, bombed, beaten or made to disappear without trace.

If you’re going to play silly sods at least own it for what it is and don’t fool yourselves it’s part of a noble cause, because you’re certainly not fooling the rest of us.


Families are facing serious financial struggles in numbers not seen for 70-odd years. With the cost of living soaring it’s not just a case of heat or eat for some, it’s eat cold because they can’t afford to cook.

So having a Chancellor of the Exchequer who is so wealthy he will never even remotely experience the consequences of his decisions (and he’s not even the main earner in his household!) is obviously going to cause considerable resentment out in the real world. It’s human nature I suppose.

But to then discover that Rishi Sunak’s missus has been enjoying non dom status for tax purposes (perfectly legally, by the way) and richy Rish hung onto his US green card for longer than he should have is just rubbing salt into some very open wounds.

Furious back pedalling in a desperate attempt to salvage a political reputation is a case of shutting the stable door when the thoroughbred horses have bolted.

Just being loaded shouldn’t be the cause of such a level of hatred being aimed at him, but can someone who is so rich he has no idea how much petrol to put into a car, or indeed, even how a pump works, have any real understanding of what normal people are going through at the moment?


Rather than choosing Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov on Sky News being presented with proof of war crimes by Russian forces in Ukraine and still insisting it was all staged, my highlight of the week was something to put a smile on the face thanks to The Chase’s Anne Hegarty on ITV’s DNA Journey.

The revelation that she is the 20 times great granddaughter of Robert the Bruce was greeted with barely concealed ambivalence so, pulling out the even bigger guns, the genealogist gave her the news that he is in fact related to our present monarch only to be told “Oh I know that.”

When asked by friend and fellow Chaser Sean Wallace why she had never told him this, she simply said: “Well we know it in the family, but we just don’t tend to mention it.”

Stupid TV quiz answers of the week

Tipping Point:

Q: How many people usually compete in the Channel 4 quiz show Countdown?

A: One


Q: The Highland Games sport that involves throwing a large piece of wood is called tossing the..?

A: Khyber

Special mention to the numbty on Lightning who said the state capital of Tennessee was Texas and the guy on The Chase who thought Hurricane Higgins was a darts player.


Edward Case