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I used to shout at the TV during football matches – usually England – or Wolves when I could bring myself to watch the torture. But now we have a decent national side (apart from the Czech Republic match) and the Wanderers can give anyone a game on their day so my rage is now reserved for BBC’s Question Time.

I’m a sucker for Question Time, even though it relies on panelists who like the sound of their own voice a little too much and even if the guests turn out to be as dull as dishwater there’s always Fiona Bruce and she’s worth watching any day of the week (#MeToo – no apologies).

Last week didn’t just have me hollering at the screen, at one point I was actually out of my seat.

Extinction Rebellion spokesman Rupert Read was allowed a place on the panel in a week when his band of crazies were once again causing havoc in the City of London and one of them even glued himself to a plane at Heathrow (allegedly!!)

I was apoplectic until Talk Radio broadcaster Julia Hartley Brewer, whose inclusion on the panel had itself caused a few people to lose their family bag of Maltesers in their laps, saved the show for me with two comments that had me kicking myself that I hadn’t thought of them first for this column.

In one comeback she referred to Extinction Rebellion as a “quasi-religious death cult” and followed that a few minutes later by referring to Mr Read’s claims of impending planetary doom as “Malthus on crack cocaine.”

Either one of those comments would have been enough to make her my hero of the week.

Protest, and even civil disobedience, is about taking the populace with you, not alienating them and Extinction Rebellion is all about chaos and bullying people.

Any validity their beliefs have are negated by their methods.

I am all for cleaning the planet up – the immediate worldwide abolition of non biodegradable plastics would be a good start – but demonising people who use planes or cars is ridiculous. I don’t dispute the importance of stemming climate change, but I would never want my wishes for a better world to be associated in any way with these doomsday numpties.

Trump has blood on his hands

* Even by his standards, Donald Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds in pulling out US troops and leaving them at the mercy of a Turkish onslaught is shabby in the extreme.

The Kurdish-led militia alliance was instrumental in defeating Islamic State on the ground in Syria and now Trump has left them high and dry in the border territories, either thinking that telling Turkey not to launch an offensive would be enough or, more likely, he just doesn’t give a damn.

His threat to destroy Turkey’s economy obviously fell on deaf ears.

The Kurds has accused the US of leaving the area to turn into a war zone and risking the re-emergence of IS, which sounds like a valid argument to me, and Trump will be to blame if that happens.

He already has blood on his hands for the fatalities that have occurred since Wednesday.

Stupid TV quiz answers of the week:

Tipping Point: Squire Trelawney is a character from which Robert Louis Stephenson novel?

Answer: Ooh, I’ve never heard of that writer, Ben. Is it Robin Hood?

The Chase: Inter Milan is a football club playing in which European country?

Answer: Spain?

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