Redbridge and Havering cancer patients moved to separate hospital

Cancer patients in Redbridge and Havering hospitals have been moved to a new hospital to protect them from the coronavirus pandemic.

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust, which manages King George Hospital in Ilford and Queen’s Hospital in Romford, announced the decision yesterday (April 22).

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cancer surgeries will now take place at Spire Hartswood Hospital in Brentwood.

The hospital is approximately nine miles from King George and a little over seven miles from Queen’s Hospital.

Stuart McCaighy, speciality manager for haematology and oncology, said: “The principles of the move were to make sure that we could continue to give patients their chemotherapy treatment, and also to protect these patients from COVID-19 as much as we possibly can.

“A small number of patients will continue to have their chemotherapy at Queen’s Hospital – for example if their treatment needs to happen alongside timed radiotherapy.

“To protect these patients, our security team has helped us to effectively separate the cancer area from the rest of the hospital with a security controlled door.

“We are very grateful to our multidisciplinary oncology team of doctors, nurses and admin and clerical staff whose dedication and adaptability has allowed us to open this new facility at Spire whilst also covering oncology needs at Queen’s Hospital, and also contributing to COVID-19 staffing.”

Some surgeries and other urgent procedures have also been moved to Spire, including eye injection clinics needed to prevent patients losing their sight.


Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter