Redbridge champions greener travel with more than 100 new cycle parking spots

Redbridge Council is installing more than 100 new cycle racks offering safe and secure parking spots for bicycles to encourage more eco-friendly trips to local high streets and nearby amenities.

The move comes as part of the council’s commitment to developing the borough’s cycling infrastructure to support local people to adopt greener and healthier travel choices.

The 120 new cycle racks are due to be installed across Redbridge by the end of July with more than 90 already in place.

Locations for the new cycle racks are:

  • Green Lane
  • Ley Street
  • High Street, Barkingside
  • High Road, Chadwell Heath
  • Cranbrook Road
  • Goodmayes Road
  • Ilford Lane
  • Manford Way
  • High Road, Seven Kings
  • High Road, South Woodford
  • High Street, Wanstead
  • Chigwell Road
  • Snakes Lane East

Redbridge Cabinet Member for Environment and Civic Pride Cllr Jo Blackman, said: “We’re keen to support residents to make the switch from car to bicycle where they can and the provision of safe and secure cycle parking is essential to that, which is why we’re installing more bicycle racks near local amenities.

“Choosing more active and sustainable travel options can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and is great for the environment too as it means reducing your carbon footprint and helping improve air quality on our streets – ultimately leading to a cleaner and greener Redbridge for all our residents.”

Jenny Morrissey, and her two children Gene and Mabel regularly do the school run to Aldersbrook Primary School in Redbridge by bike and enjoy cycling together as a family, along with dad Stephen.

Jenny said: “I think any initiative that encourages more cycling or makes taking the bike out easier, is a good one. It’s great that Redbridge Council is installing more cycle racks near High Streets and shops as it will encourage people to make the journey there by bike knowing they can find a spot to safely and securely leave their bike as they go about shopping.

“We try to cycle as much as we can as a family, especially when I’m taking the kids to school, or for short local trips. I find the morning bike ride to school helps energise Gene and Mabel so they’re feeling more switched on, alert and ready for class. Cycling really is a great way to keep fit as a family, and spend quality time together. It also encourages the children to think about environmentally friendly travel – especially as they get older and go out more themselves.”

As part of its commitment to boost the borough’s cycling infrastructure the council also recently started works to create new mandatory segregated cycle lanes, widen existing cycle lanes, and complete a range of road safety improvements as part of its ambition to link popular and existing cycle routes to transport hubs, high streets, green spaces, and other cycling routes in neighbouring boroughs.

The new and improved cycle lanes around Wanstead can be found on Centre Road and Lake House Road, with works on Blake Hall Road, and Aldersbrook Road due to be completed soon. Plans are being developed for more cycle lanes in other parts of the borough also to deliver on commitments in the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan:

Redbridge Council is also supporting budding cyclists by offering cycle training to develop and improve their cycling skills, and rider confidence through its training provider ‘Cycle Confident’. The council initiative offers FREE cycle training to adults, children, and families (with up to three participants) who live, work or study in the borough.

Additional courses include Bikeability cycle training in schools, delivered for both primary and secondary aged students to equip them with the skills to cycle safely and encourage them to make their school journey by bicycle.

Find out more about Redbridge Council cycle training courses on:

Last year over 1,100 Redbridge children received Bikeability cycle training in schools and 900 individuals – mix of adult, family, and 1-2-1 training – received cycle skills training in Redbridge Parks and from their homes.

Find out more about cycling in Redbridge, cycling routes, Try Before You Bike scheme and information about Redbridge Cycling Centre on:


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