Redbridge counts the cost of polluting vehicles

Redbridge Council could be paying TfL more than £5,000 a day to use vehicles that don’t meet the Low Emission Zone standards.

Driving a vehicle that is too polluting for the LEZ, which covers most of Greater London including Redbridge, incurs a daily charge of £100 to £300 depending on its weight and model.

A recent Freedom of Information request reveals Redbridge Council owns 51 vehicles that do not meet LEZ standards, although a council spokesperson said they are being replaced.

A fifth of these overly polluting vehicles belong to the council’s street cleaners, while around a fifth belongs to the parks and countryside department.

If all 51 vehicles were used in one day, the council would be liable to pay TfL anywhere from £5,100 to £15,300 in charges.

The council was unable to confirm how much it does pay in LEZ charges, explaining that all its payments to TfL are recorded as a single category.

However, council officers did state that all 51 vehicles are “in the process of being replaced”.

Redbridge Council was asked when it expected this process to be completed and had not responded at the time of writing.


Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter