Residents and Rochford Council work together to tackle fly-tipping

The lockdown period has been a busy time for Rochford District Council’s Street Scene Team as the number of fly-tipping incidents in the district increased, incurring fines of £500.

The council received several reports including one in the Carpenters Arms area of Rawreth. A mattress had been dumped so a council officer attended the scene to investigate.

There was sufficient evidence available to track down the perpetrator and a fine of £400 was issued. The fine was paid within 10 days, so was reduced to £200.

A Hullbridge resident alerted the council to a black sack of rubbish he had found whilst out walking his dog in Long Lane, Hullbridge. Once again there was enough evidence within the sack to determine who had left it there and a fine of £100 was issued and paid.

In the same month council CCTV cameras also manged to capture a woman who decided to dump her bag of rubble in a layby in Mucking Hall Road. The council issued at £400 fine, which was paid within 10 days so reduced to £200.

Rochford District Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Cllr Arthur Williams said: “Fly-tipping across Essex is costing taxpayers’ money to clear up – money that could have been better spent on vital services.

“We are very proactive in our work to catch fly-tippers and so are our residents.

“Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence, it damages our environment, it is unsightly to look at and it’s a danger to wildlife.

“We are tackling this issue head on and would like to thank those who have already provided us with information in confidence.

“If anyone has any information about fly tipping or would like to report an incident  please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01702 318028 or 01702 318038”.

Th person responsible for this in Hullbridge was also traced and had to pay a fine

Mick Ferris

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