Residents in bid to save Chelmsford park from developers’ bulldozers

A campaign has begun against plans to build on a park off Woodhall Road in Chelmsford.

The campaign is being led by Alex Scully, a postal worker whose home backs onto the park.

The park also borders back gardens on Berwick Avenue and Cumberland Cresecent.

Chelmsford City Council is seeking to build ten houses and two flats on the green space, which has been a facility for residents since the Woodhall estate was built in the 1940s.

Campaigners are also encouraging people to participate in the consultation on the plans, which closes on June 23 (; ref number 19/01579/FUL).

The campaign has also launched an online petition on the 38 Degrees website: (

The petition states the development will:-

  • Exacerbate the dire parking/traffic situation Deprive the community of green space
  • Destroy the thriving local ecosystem
  • Increase the demand on local schools and services
  • Lower quality of living

As well as the online petition, the campaigners, restricted by lockdown rules, have started a Facebook group, Woodhall Estate Residents’ Alliance (

Mr Scully said: “This little park has served our local community since the 1940’s, providing generations of children with a safe green space in the heart of our estate. It is especially cherished by those who live in the flats.”

“It is home to thousands of birds, bats, hedgehogs and even a family of foxes. It is a rare green oasis in a suburban concrete jungle.”

“Many locals are not even aware of the application that will destroy our park. Raising awareness amongst the community has been extremely difficult due to the Coronavirus pandemic & the resulting lockdown.”


Mick Ferris

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