Robotic-assisted surgery available for urology patients in Southend

Ambitious plans to improve the treatment and care of urology cancer patients have been realised after Southend University Hospital purchased a state-of-the-art robot that gives surgeons more precision when performing prostatectomy procedures.

All suitable patients from across the Essex Cancer Network can now have robotic-assisted prostatectomy at Southend University Hospital.

Consultant uro-oncological surgeon and robotic surgical lead, Mr Casey, said: “This expands the availability of robotic surgery to cancer patients. Prostatectomy patients will be seen quicker and closer to home because they will no longer need to travel outside of mid and south Essex for robotic surgery.”

Working alongside Mr Casey is consultant uro-oncological surgeon and robotic prostatectomy lead, Mr Abd-Alazeez, who added: “Improved recovery times will reduce length of stay and post-surgery benefits can include less blood loss reducing the need for transfusion and also less postoperative pain. Robotic surgery can also benefit patients through a faster return to continence and sexual function.”

Clinical director for surgery and consultant urological surgeon at Southend, Mr Sampi Mehta, was quick to point out the benefits of having a dedicated robot at Southend.

Mr Mehta said: “This exciting investment goes towards fulfilling our ambition to provide best-in-class facilities and treatment for cancer patients across the Essex Cancer Network. Our investment will improve patient outcomes and experience while also enhancing training opportunities for existing staff and attracting new staff to the hospital.”


Mick Ferris

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