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Bonfire night and fireworks can be a nightmare for vulnerable adults, young children and family pets.

That is why this year Rochford District Council is supporting the RSPCA firework #BangOutOfOrder campaign.

As the campaign highlights, it not only for animals that do not like the loud noises of fireworks, but also people with autism, vulnerable adults and young children.

For families and people who want to enjoy the fireworks, the RSPCA recommends attending organised local events.

They are family friendly and safely organised, and because they generally receive prior notice through advertising and word of mouth, neighbours are able to prepare their animals for any distress.

Councillor Arthur Williams, Portfolio holder for Communities and Health, said:“The annual tradition of bonfire night can be a great fun event for families and many children, but please have consideration for those of our community and our pets who don’t enjoy the fireworks. Please hold your celebrations at one of the local, organised events.”

Here are some of the main organised displays taking place within the district:

Rayleigh: King George V Playing Fields, Rayleigh organised by the Lions Club on November 5 from 5:00 – 8:00pm –

Hockley: Belchamps Scout Activity Centre, Hawkwell on November 5 from 5.00 – 9:00pm –

Rochford: Westcliff Rugby Club,Aviation Way on November 4 from 6:00 – 10:00pm –

Rankins Cricket Club, Stambridge Road on November 4 from 6:00 – 11:00pm –

Smaller displays that do not require a licence or permits have been included on the council’s events page –

If you are holding an event, please check our firework advice safety list –

For more on the RSPCA campaign go to:


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