Romford MP appeals to Mayor of London after another week of traffic gridlock at Gallows Corner

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has written to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan urging him to ensure that Transport for London follows through with much needed improvements to the Gallows Corner flyover.

Mr Rosindell said that Gallows Corner: “is one of the most dangerous junctions in the country” and suffers from “severe congestion.”

The letter was prompted by traffic chaos at the junction this week with sewage works leading to gridlock.

Andrew Rosindell MP

Commenting on the congestion, Mr Rosindell said that “for minor works to cause such problems is indicative of the desperate need to upgrade the flyover.”

The letter warns the Mayor that “abandoning vital infrastructure projects will only compound the economic damage already done by the pandemic.” He goes on to urge the Mayor to “take personal charge of this issue by sorting out TfL finances and ensuring that the necessary upgrades to Gallows Corner can be completed.”

Mr Rosindell said: “For too long the people of Havering have had to put up with the disaster that is Gallows Corner. I share the frustrations of those on social media wondering how and why this situation can continue, with a temporary flyover still in place after 50 years of existence.

“There was light at the end of the tunnel last year when Gallows Corner was shortlisted for upgrades, but for some reason that only the Mayor can tell us, TfL failed to submit a proposal for government funding to improve the junction. Now because of the woeful mishandling of TfL’s finances, there are reports it will be scrapped altogether.

“It encapsulates the problem of London itself: because Havering is on London’s periphery, we get ignored by City Hall. Perhaps it’s time to restore our links with Essex authorities, where our concerns might not be ignored as they are in being lumped in with inner London!”

Keith Prince, London Assembly member for Havering and Redbridge, added: “When I was first elected, I invited the Mayor down to Gallows Corner. On viewing it he said the status quo cannot remain.  Four years later and after an offer of £50 million from the Government he has still not taken any action.

I regularly contact TfL and am told things are progressing, but they are clearly not. No doubt the Mayor will now blame this on Covid.

Havering needs a Mayor who cares for it, not one who only looks after Zone 1.”


Mick Ferris

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