Rookie Tanner becomes national champion

WALTHAM Forest Amateur Boxing Club secured its latest national champion following an excellent display from rookie Oliver Tanner.

The 15-year-old, who recently saw off Malmesbury’s Sam Stringer in the semi-finals, faced Marston’s Brian Fetcher at the Hayes Working Men’s Club on Sunday.

Boxing in the Junior Novice Class A U-57kg contest, Tanner started brightly in what proved to be a close opening session, where he worked well off a tight jab.

The Forest youngster landed some good shots in the second and came forward well off his combinations.

Tanner found himself on the back foot a bit more in the final session, but countered well in another close round, to secure a majority decision from the judges.

Delighted head coach Chris Baker said: “Oliver boxed really well considering his lack of ring action against a more experienced opponent.

“I would like to thank the other coaches Ken Oram and Mick Croft for all their work, because it is great to have another national champion at the club.” 

Mick Ferris

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