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Foo Fighters – Medicine At Midnight

After 25 years it’s fair to assume that you know what to expect from a Foos album. If you get it you’re in for the long haul and if you don’t, well by now I doubt you’re ever going to.

It really shouldn’t work – three guitars (which is at least one too many for any other band) and the best drummer in the band plays guitar and sings instead – but for the initiated, who exist in numbers large enough to fill stadiums across the world, it does indeed work.

And very well too.

Dave Grohl is a great frontman who knows his audience and is able to connect with huge numbers of fans as if he is talking to each of them individually.

At only 36 and a half minutes long Medicine At Midnight is a bit of a smash and grab operation, possibly because of the pandemic, but there are certainly a few crowd-pleasers here, which is really what Foo Fighters are all about.

That said, Grohl has certainly written more memorable songs than Shame Shame and the title track and with the band’s already extensive repertoire I don’t expect much of the new material to last beyond their next tour whenever that may be.

There’s no My Hero, Everlong or Times Like These here, but Grohl knows the value of a strong kick drum, a catchy chord sequence and a strong chorus to get that sea of fists pumping the air.

And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, especially when you’re as tight as this lot.

There’s plenty here to enjoy, but at times it does feel like the Foos are on autopilot.

RATING: 7/10


Mick Ferris

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