Saints progress clear despite defeat to T-Birds

Southend Saints 5-15 Thurrock T-Birds Development

THE RESULT doesn’t always tell the full story, and that was certainly the case when Southend Saints took on the Thurrock T-Birds Development side in a friendly match at Warners Bridge.

Facing a far more experienced side, the Saints produced a brave, spirited performance. The contest offered a tough battle amongst the forwards with limited opportunities to bring the backs into the game.

However, when Thurrock did they were thwarted three times by Saints Abby Jones – making only her second start.

Jones coped superbly at full-back, making three last-ditch tackles and then carried the fight, finishing an outstanding Saints raid in the final minutes to get the Seasiders on the scoreboard.

Forward, Kirsty Flynn was another to impress throughout, putting her body on the line with a succession of big tackles to drive Thurrock back from the game line.

Head Coach, Paul Bach, told Yellow Sport: “There will be some sore bodies tomorrow. Every player gave everything they had.

“This is a remarkable journey and will give us a massive boost and shows we are now ready to move to bigger challenges next season.”


Brian Jeeves

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