School celebrates success at Dance World Cup

Mick Ferris

New Hall School in Chelmsford is celebrating the success of its students at the 2021 Dance World Cup (DWC), the biggest dance competition in the world with over 6000 dancers from 54 countries.

In this year’s competition, held in Telford, Shropshire, New Hall dancers placed third in two solo categories and fourth in a duet and group category.

2020 alumnus Bosco Chiu won the bronze medal in the Senior Solo Lyrical category with a piece choreographed by teacher Laura Bouckley, while New Hall alumna and Dance Teacher Darcie Playle won the bronze medal in the Senior Solo Show Dance category with her own choreography.

Darcie said: “The Dance World Cup was an incredible opportunity, and it was exciting to watch the top dancers from all over the world while representing and supporting the New Hall team.

“Since this was my first competition in five years, I am overjoyed to have won 3rd place with my solo,”

Darcie has worked at New Hall as a dance teacher since the start of the academic year 2020-21, after having graduated from Bird College Conservatoire for Dance and Musical Theatre.

Year 8 student Lois Dennison and Darcie achieved fourth place in the Senior Duet/Trio Tap category just 0.2 marks away from a bronze medal with their tap duet called ‘Stepping Out’ choreographed by Sarah Molina, head of dance at New Hall School.

In the Children Small Group Tap category, dancers Darcie Meechan, Lois Dennison, Sienna Sando and Nancy Warn placed fourth with their quartet Palladio.

Sarah Molina, said: “We were honoured to be able to compete in DWC, especially having been the only academic school selected for Team GB.

“This was the first time New Hall has entered this event and, seeing these fantastic results, it will not be our last!

“As a team, we are incredibly proud of our dancers – their hard work and talent are reflected in these brilliant achievements. We will continue to celebrate and support them for many shows and competitions to come!”

A leap worthy of a bronze medal for Darcie Playle

Mick Ferris

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