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Senior Year (15, 113 minutes)

Rebel Wilson is facing bit of a dilemma, and it has nothing to do with her weight loss because this is an issue that was always going to arise eventually, although yet another American high school comedy, this one made exclusively for Netflix, is certainly speeding up the need for her to have that serious talk with herself about where the career goes next.

Rebel has huge likeability value and a talent for being able to improvise on the spot, which is probably the one saving grace with this film as I get the impression that her best lines were not in the script (I’m guessing the lips to lips dance move and how to avoid getting your mobile phone taken from you if you’re kidnapped came off the top of her head in the moment).

A cheerleading accident puts prospective prom queen Stephanie into a 20-year coma. She wakes up without any explanation and even more inexplicably is discharged from hospital within minutes of discovering she’s a 17-year old girl in the body of a 37-year old woman.

What follows is a predictable and derivative slog as she decides to return to school for her final year with the aim of achieving her teenage goal of being prom queen.

But the world has changed a lot since 2002 and Stephanie finds herself in an alien environment where there is no cheerleading captain, no prom king and queen and apparently no straight route to popularity.

Until she discovers that this new woke world’s claims to exclusivity are just a smokescreen and the vacuous hierarchy that drove her 20 years earlier still exists through social media.

Less a comedy for the woke generation and more an attempt at telling the woke to wake up, which would be a great idea for a movie if American high school shenanigans hadn’t already been done to death since the 1980s.

Senior Year has good intentions and Rebel, who also produces, is charming as always, but the narrative is so self obsessed that characters are two dimensional and stereotypical.

Rebel Wilson is 42 years old. Time to leave school behind..

Straight As for the premise, but Senior Year gets a C for execution.

RATING: 5/10


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