Scopes quick to point out Chairman Smith’s support

CONCORD RANGERS manager, Danny Scopes, paid tribute to Chairman, Antony Smith, for his handling of the clubs’ finances following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Canvey-based Buildbase FA Trophy semi-finalists, like sports clubs all over the world, have had to adjust while the game was sent into lockdown, with regular income largely drying up. However, Scopes was quick to point out the role of his Chairman as well as explaining how Concord will get through the crisis and readjust accordingly once football resumes.

“The Chairman has invested a lot of money back into the football club along with sponsors and grants,” The Beach Boys boss told Yellow Sport.

“He’s put a lot of effort into the Football Club, especially on the ground side of things with the new seats and terraces, the watering irrigation system and washroom facilities – a lot of effort has gone into that and a lot of money on things we needed.

“We have a smaller playing budget that others, so that’s less money to find. The Chairman has been excellent, I have to say that, on contracted and non-contracted players, showing real loyalty to the boys in the way he has looked after them during this period.”

“I’ve heard horror stories from other clubs at decent levels for not paying people and sacking non-contract players straight away, but the Chairman has supported the management and playing group really well so credit to him for that.”

Scopes was fully aware of the bigger picture but insisted Concord will sensibly negotiate the current climate.

“It feels like everything is on pause. The Chairman might know a little bit more about the financial side of things and what we are losing. Obviously, the clubhouse being closed is a major loss because it’s hired out regularly and is an important source of revenue.

“I think all football clubs are going to be hit by it. Club’s are going to have to cut their cloth accordingly for next season. Players are going to have to realise that maybe ceratin expenses and demands might not be met the same as before.”

Scopes added: “I think it will have a knock-on effect all the way down the levels. We are going to have to buy into that and fall in line with that. What Concord has always done is worked within its means – we’ve never worked out of our means and thrown money at anything unsustainable, that’s why we are on a sound footing.

“The Football Club will survive but will have to adjust along with the rest of the league and football as a whole.”

Brian Jeeves

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