Second World War grenade discovered in Southend play area

A controlled detonation took place in Southend on Saturday July 11 after children found a Second World War hand grenade in a local park.

The grenade was found under equipment in the play area at Sidmouth Avenue and was thought to be unpinned and live.

The bomb disposal unit carried out a controlled detonation at a local rugby club.

Cllr Daniel Cowan, Labour councillor for St Laurence ward, said: “Thankfully no-one was hurt and the grenade disposed of safely.

“It’s worrying that a volatile and deadly weapon was found in the open but I’m assured that such incidents are rare.

“There are many thanks to go around for ensuring this was dealt with properly, none less so than the children who acted extremely responsibly in alerting an adult, their parents for their quick thinking in calling in the bomb squad and the police for taking prompt action.”

Southend Council officers will be inspecting the site and Cllr Cowan has requested a safety audit of the park to put residents’ minds at ease.


Mick Ferris

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