Shot by one side – the American obsession

For a state that claims to be so pro life they are set on preventing even rape victims from having an abortion, it’s strange that Texas police should allow 19 children aged under 10 and two teachers to be slaughtered in their classroom while they waited outside for the janitor to turn up with a key.

The reasoning behind this was that they inexplicably assumed that either the kids were safe somehow or no one inside was left alive (!)

One of the problems with the American Constitution, which Trump-supporting rednecks and the NRA are so keen on quoting whenever there is an atrocity such as the latest in Uvalde, is that it was written 246 years ago when the right to bear arms was a bit more relevant and it took ages to load and prime them before firing off one spherical shot.

In an age where any nutcase can legally obtain an automatic weapon and ammunition – resulting in more than 200 mass shootings since the beginning of the year – it’s surely reasonable to suggest that they need to have a bit of a rethink – and I don’t mean giving every American the right to carry a musket.

But change won’t happen because the National Rifle Association basically owns Republican politics and there are members of the Senate who know they are in their position because of NRA money and half of an electorate that sees itself as citizen enforcers wearing combat fatigues as a fashion statement.

The daft thing is, these gun toting knuckle draggers would have acted a darn sight quicker than the Texas Police did outside Robb Elementary School last week.

As usual, there’s talk of lessons needing to be learned and a review of best practices blah blah blah, but we all know that adds up to a big fat nothing and there are just too many Republicans in position of power who are opposed to tightening gun laws for any real progress.

The president could issue an executive order, but he seems to think one attempted insurrection a lifetime is enough and has no intention of bringing about another.


I’ve just finished watching Supernature, the latest Ricky Gervais stand up special on Netflix, and it’s little wonder that it has caused such an uproar with the irony deficient woke mob because it’s the most gratuitously offensive hour and four minutes I’ve sat through since Sarah Silverman’s God Is Magic.

Unlike Silverman, however, I can’t see Gervais regretting any of it in 15 years time.

In other words, it’s absolutely laugh out loud try not to wet yourself hilarious – a stroke of uncompromising comic genius that targets everything we’re apparently not supposed to find funny anymore for fear of being tarred, feathered and clucked out of town.

From beginning to end there is no let up from AIDS to transsexuals to paedophiles and female comedians it’s a consistently shocking and jaw-droppingly outrageous two fingers to those who seek to censor comedy by deliberately mistaking the subject for the actual target because it suits their purpose.

I can’t see paedophiles finding it funny, but there’s no reason why everyone else shouldn’t.


When your most vocal supporter is Michael Gove it’s definitely time to worry.


Stupid TV quiz answers of the week

Tipping Point

Q: “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too,” is a quote from which film?

A: 101 Dalmations

The Chase

Q: Former vice president Mike Pence is a mamber of which American political party?

A: Conservatives?


Edward Case