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I wasn’t going to write a column this week, but then we struck a free trade deal with the EU and I just had to say “told you so.”

Two weeks ago, when we were being led to believe that any chance of a deal had bitten the dust, I said it would still happen.

Obviously both sides are going to spin this as a “win” but this should be a harder sell to the French.

I say should…

In a Christmas Eve press conference, Boris Johnson was asked what message he had for the “half” (how many times… 48 per cent is NOT half) of the population who voted remain (of which you may recall, I was one) and I was praying that the prime minister’s answer would be “get over it”.

Meanwhile SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s Westminster gimp, Ian Blackford, yet again harped on about how Scotland didn’t vote to leave in the first place.

Like Donald Trump stamping his little feat, scweaming and scweaming until he’s sick, going full Violet Elizabeth Bott over the result of a lost election, there are still people on this side of the Atlantic moaning about a four and a half year old referendum result.

If we had a vote today.. that’s how it always starts and yes, I’m sure some people would vote differently. I certainly would.

This isn’t about Boris. He’s as dodgy as they come and anyone who trusts him is a fool.

Anyone who trusts anyone in Government, regardless of which team they bat for, is a fool.

But results speak for themselves. That’s democracy, and despite what I prefer to think of as my healthy cynicism towards politicians, the fact is that Boris was voted in by a massive majority, so he has a democratic mandate, and despite the best efforts of sections of the media to exploit today’s polarised politics, since he became PM, Johnson has managed to pull things out of the bag when no one believed he could.

I can at least give him credit for that, unlike some who are so blinded by ideological hatred and so desperately need to blame him for everything that they resent our country’s successes even more than our failures.


Now to wee Jimmy Krankie and the case of the missing face mask.

After two of her own MPs (who she advised to consider their positions) did a Dominic, Nicola Sturgeon has now been caught in breach of coronavirus regulations, photographed at a wake in a pub without a mask on.

Will she now reconsider her holier than thou position?

Will she heck as like!

A quick sorry ’bout that pal and we’re expected to let it go.

Well not me.

Not me.


So it’s goodbye to another year, and there can be no denying it has been a bloody dreadful one.

But the units of measurement we apply to the passing of time are meaningless in times like these. They are nothing but a construct to tell us when to eat, sleep or wake up.

January 1 will be exactly the same as December 31. Nothing will have changed. We will still be separated from loved ones, businesses will continue to fail, Marcus Rashford will continue to do the Government’s job for them, fatalities will continue to rise, Nicola Sturgeon, Ian Blackford and Michael Gove will still make my flesh crawl, Priti Patel will still remind me of the wicked queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, people will still be at risk from COVID-19 and others will still think they are somehow exempt from the rules that apply to everyone else.

This time next year it could well be a different story.

Let’s hope so.

But in the meantime we just need to concentrate on getting through the day.


Edward Case