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The appointment of Lee Anderson, MP for Ashfield in Notts as the new deputy chairman of the Conservative Party in the latest mini reshuffle is at the very least a sign that Rishi Rich needs to go on a recruitment course and at worst the final proof, if it was needed, that he never had a plot to lose in the first place.

Not long before being given the job, Anderson, who became known in his constituency as 30p Lee when he insisted that food bank users did not understand how to budget, and that a meal could be put together for 30p, gave an interview in which he called for the return of the death penalty, his the jist of his argument being that you can’t be a repeat offender if you’re dead.

Barely 24 hours after being appointed, the former miner and Labour district councillor gave an interview on BBC Radio Nottingham during which he was questioned over setting up a fake doorstepping video during the 2019 election campaign with a supposed swing voter who turned out to be a friend.

This led him to insist that the entire 11-minute clip was broadcast or he would ask for it not to be played at all. The BBC did so as without editing it was just as embarrassing as it would have been, but four times as long.

You may wonder what led Rishi to give a job that involves a lot of representing the Government in front of the press to someone who is notoriously a one-man media storm. I can only presume he thinks he’s covering all the bases by catering to the more extreme wing of the party.

When the words “broad church” get rolled out you know that there’s a desperate attempt going on to explain away someone’s big mouth

Like many politicians who make a career out of courting controversy, Mr Anderson insists that it’s not him, it’s just how he’s portrayed in the press.

So there you go. It’s all my lot’s fault apparently.

Another brick in the wall

Roger Waters doesn’t strike me as a man who has ever been worried by self doubt. Unfortunately that results in the former Pink Floyd bassist and songwriter thinking that his every utterance I going to be of interest to the rest of us, including it seems, the United Nations.

So when invited to address the UN Security Council by Russia last week on the back of comments where he blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine on provocation by the west, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that Putin might have another agenda other than being a fan of The Wall.

And even if it was obvious to him that it was an attempt to exploit his profile, his giant ego just wouldn’t allow him to turn it down.

Still, it didn’t all go according to plan as rather than the propaganda coup they were expecting, Waters, accompanied on Zoom by his dog, slammed the illegal invasion, calling for a ceasefire, and while claiming to represent the silent 4 billion (thanks for that Rog) told the council: “We do not willingly raise our sons and daughters to provide fodder for your canons.”

If only he could leave it at that and shut up about the rest.

I’ll leave his rerecording of The Dark Side Of The Moon until next week.

Embarrassing headline of the week:

Shock as unknown blues singer beats Beyonce, Adele and Taylor Swift to win Song of the Year at the Grammys

The “unknown blues singer”? Only the legendary Bonnie Raitt, who already had ten Grammys to her name before last week’s ceremony.

That’s what happens when you give an assignment to someone who clearly knows nothing about the subject they are writing about. The level of ignorance is shocking and it just makes the publication look ridiculous.

Shame on you Mail Online.

Stupid TV quiz answer of the week

Tipping Point:

Q: Which male singing voice is higher than bass and lower than tenor

A: Octo?

Q: Which non venomous snake is Britain’s largest land reptile?

A: Python?

Q: John Barnes joined Liverpool from which other English club?

A: Liverpool?


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