Singer Anne-Marie returns to her old schools in Thurrock for food bank initiative

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Last week, singer Anne-Marie held a food bank initiative at her former primary and secondary schools, East Tilbury Primary and St Clere’s School in Stanford le Hope.

The meals, provided by The Caring Family Foundation as part of their ‘Food From The Heart’ campaign, were distributed by Anne-Marie to families and children in need, in light of shocking statistics showing that an estimated 4.5 million children in the UK are suffering from severe hunger every day.

The ‘Food from the Heart’ initiative produces and distributes pre prepared, nutritious meals developed for children across the UK for those living in poverty, many of whom have been further impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anne-Marie joined forces with The Caring Family Foundation to hold the food bank in the area in which she grew up. The Food Bank will be part of a longer partnership to support families in the area.

Anne-Marie said “I think what gets to me the most is that when I was younger, I wasn’t worrying about food, I was thinking about seeing my friends or playing football in the park. These kids should never have to be worried about food, ever

“I wish that people weren’t embarrassed or scared to admit that they can’t afford to eat or don’t have food at home. It’s not embarrassing, everyone is struggling in their own way, especially since the pandemic.”.

To make a donation please visit: The Caring Family


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