Small rural parish in Rochford has highest council tax bill

Households in a part of Rochford will receive the highest council tax bill in the county for the coming year – coming in just shy of £2,100 for an average home.

The rural parish of Sutton – with just 110 residents – will have the highest council tax rates in Essex at £2,094.57 from April for a Band D household.

Band D is the middle band of the A to H system used to determine council tax rates.

Essex County Council decided to raise the bills for the services it supplies by £60 for a Band D – or a 4.49 per cent.

The county’s Police and Crime Commissioner raised how much it wants to collect through council tax by 4.79 per cent or 9.99 on a Band D property

District authorities similarly increased council tax across the county for their areas.

Sutton’s bill was made up of £245.16 from Rochford District Council, £1,401.12 from Essex County Council, £218.52 for police and £75.33 for fire. Rochford Parish Council precepted its residents £67.01 for a Band D home.

Chairman of Sutton Parish Council Charles Tabor said: “We have 110 people in the parish. We are a small parish, we run a parish council. That’s the situation.”

The next highest area in Essex is Ramsden Bellhouse, near Billercay where a Band D household will pay £2,056.41. That includes the parish council’s charge of £82.53

The third highest area is Heybridge Basin, in Maldon, where a Band D household’s bill will be £2,032.37. That includes £337.40 for the Maldon District Council and the town council.

Here are the most expensive parishes in each district with a total calculated by a Band D household.


Waltham Abbey £1,963.92


Stondon Massey £1,986.03

Castle Point

Canvey £1,990.53


Highwood £2,018.34


Heybridge Basin £2,032.37


Ramsden Bellouse £2,056.41


Sutton £2,094.57


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter