Snow particular place to go

The Midnight Sky (12, 118 minutes)

George Clooney directs himself as an elderly scientist with a terminal illness who stays behind as an increasingly uninhabitable Earth is abandoned.

With the unexpected company of a silent little girl who apparently missed the last flight out (or did she?), they are the last people on the planet.

Yes, that’s every bit as depressing as it sounds.

And the mood gets no lighter when the crew of a mission sent to find a new home for humanity returns, unaware that there’s nothing to return to other than old George.

Not much to hang two hours on for some Netflix and chill, you say?

Too right it’s not, other than George’s frozen old beard.

And like the outer space half of the proceedings there’s just no atmosphere.

Even with a fairly predictable twist towards the end, this is as dull as dishwater.

RATING: 4/10


Mick Ferris

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