Sooz in a class of her own

Award-winning viral sensation Sooz Kempner comes to the Dixon Studio at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff, on Sunday October 6 as part of her new tour – Class of 2000 – bringing together her sell out fringe 2023 hit and it’s much anticipated 2024 follow up.

As the year 2000 approached Sooz was about to turn 15 and the PlayStation 2 was about to launch…it was a new beginning for the world. But with the Millennium Bug was the world also about to end!?

Now, almost a quarter of a century later, things feel eerily similar… Sooz is looking at class through the lens of doing her GCSEs in 2000 at a state comp…while knowing all about dressage. politics, horses, EastEnders and the Millennium Bug.

A show for anyone who remembers the year 2000 or had big dreams as a kid.

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