Southend Council gets tough on rogue landlords

Councillors have agreed to tough measures to curb rogue landlords in Southend who will now face £30,000 fines for letting out substandard properties.

Landlords who cut corners and health and safety issues in their properties will be targeted under new measures agreed by cabinet on Thursday.

Speaking at the meeting, Martin Terry, councillor responsible for public protection, said: “The council has legal duties to ensure that accommodation in the private rented sector meet the minimum housing management and health safety standards. We all know there are problems. The whole idea of this is for improvement and protection of people.

“You can only say yes to this. We do need to improve this sector. I know people who own their property happen to be in the vicinity of a private rented property that’s run like an absolute pigstye and it’s not nice.”

The new strategy will reduce the number of properties that pose a risk to health ad ensure they are warm and safe and provide a good standard of accommodation.

It comes in addition to a selective licensing scheme for landlords which will allow the council to set minimum standards for private rented properties.


Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter