Southend Council seeks views on dog control orders

Southend Council is reviewing all potential dog control measures within the borough and wants to hear what residents think.

Current dog control orders, which include rules about dogs on leads, clearing up mess and the exclusion of dogs from certain public areas, including beaches, sports areas and play parks, ended in October.

The council now wants views on whether people think an order is necessary and if so, whether there needs to be any changes, additions or exclusions to the previous restrictions

Cllr Carole Mulroney, cabinet member for environment and planning, says: “The council acknowledges and appreciates that most dog owners are responsible, properly control their dogs and clear up any dog fouling.

“However, it is important to identify and address the problems caused by irresponsible dog owners, and a PSPO is a potential way to address this.

“The previous orders in relation to dog control expired in October 2020 and we are now embarking on a consultation in respect of the potential control of dogs in the borough which, if approved, will last for up to three years. The consultation is open to all residents and businesses, so please do have your say.”

The consultation is available to view here for four weeks:

Mick Ferris

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