Southend Hospital launches training to help local people into healthcare jobs

Southend Hospital has joined forces with Southend Council training bodies Pave and Halo, to help local people get the skills and training they need for new jobs in healthcare.

The latest round of courses start this month and are fully funded to all eligible Southend residents.

To qualify for the free training residents must be unemployed, over 18, and looking to develop new skills and start a new career in healthcare.

For those who wish to work in caring roles, the Halo online programme is a four-six week course, which lays the groundwork for a career in health and social care, and has been designed in collaboration with local health and care employers, including Southend Hospital.

This course offers advice on routes into a variety of care roles, such as apprenticeships. It also gives candidates the chance to speak to healthcare assistants and support workers directly, to find out more about the NHS as an employer, as well as access support and advice regarding application forms and interviews.

Candidates are guaranteed job interviews with care industry employers at the end of the course.

The Pave programme offers practical training, support and advice on how to take the first steps into a non-clinical career, including mock interviews and personalised guidance.

This six-week online course involves daily sessions on employability and industry-specific skills, with week five dedicated to supporting learners to make an application for entry-level NHS roles.

“After the upheaval of the last two years, and the impact the pandemic has had on both employment and education, it’s very much the right time to be reaching out to members of our community, helping them to upskill and access new careers,” said Charlotte Williams, chief strategy and information officer at Southend Hospital.

“Aside from being rewarding, careers in healthcare offer long-term employment prospects, job security and opportunities for progression, so we really can offer people a way to live happier, healthier lives.”

The next start dates for these two courses are w/c April 18 and May 23, and there are still places available. To discover more, or sign up, visit or contact the programme by email at;

The training is financed by the government’s UK Community Renewal Fund, these opportunities are part of the Anchor Programme, which aims to support local residents into new careers in healthcare at Southend Hospital.


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