Southend police officer dismissed for gross misconduct

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An Essex Police officer who lied to a supervisor during an investigation has been found guilty of gross misconduct.

PC Daniel Barber, who was based at Southend, was allocated an assault investigation in July 2016 in which the suspect in the case had been released on police bail.

PC Barber told the custody sergeant reviewing the bail that his supervisor had authorised that no further action should be taken against the suspect. The custody sergeant subsequently cancelled the suspect’s bail.

It later transpired that no such decision had been made.

The suspect was subsequently charged, went to court and was found not guilty.

At an Essex Police misconduct hearing held at Chelmsford Civic Centre between September 26 and October 1, PC Barber was accused of breaching the standards of professional behaviour in relation to honesty and integrity.

The panel led by Independent Legally Qualified Chair John Bassett found the allegations were proven and PC Barber was dismissed without notice.

Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills said: “We police with the consent of the public so it is essential we have their trust and confidence.

“If an officer is dishonest it undermines that trust and confidence, particularly when it impacts on an ongoing investigation.

“PC Barber’s actions could have had led to someone not going to court and depriving a victim of the chance of getting justice.

“That is just not acceptable.”


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