Southend Rangers laying the foundations for success

SOUTHEND RANGERS are keen to use the unscheduled break from football as a positive as they look to build for a prosperous future at both first and reserve team levels.

Rangers – founded in 1982 – are already on the lookout for new players to bolster an already talented squad.

“The club is now on the dawn of a new chapter,” first-team coach, Luke Heywood told Yellow Sport.

“Our reserve team are moving to the Mid Essex League, in turn expanding the clubs reach which is an exciting prospect.

“Meanwhile, the first-team will remain in the Southend Borough Combination Premier Division, where we’ve started to attract attention from players across the Essex spectrum, wanting to be apart of the promise this current team has started to show.”

Indeed, with several of the current squad having recently featured in for the Southend Borough & District League’s representative side, proof of the clubs continued progress has never been more evident: “As a management team, we have aimed to rebuild this club,” Heywood added.

“We are forever being told that amateur football is on the decline. However, we hope Southend Rangers, among others, can prove different to that belief and amateur football can bounce back. We welcome anyone who wants to be a part of that.”

First-team chief, James Botley, insisted the signs are already clear to see that Rangers are moving in the right direction: “The 2019/20 season was one of growth and progression for the first team,” he explained.

“We focused on creating a winning formula which we can take forward once football returns.

“We were in third place in the Premier Division when lockdown came about. It’s safe to say that our hard work and commitment is beginning to bear fruit, something Luke and I are extremely proud of.”

And with the clubs second-string also looking the part, it will be interesting to see just how far Southend Rangers can climb. Reserve team manager, Mike Baker, is left in little doubt: “We were top of the league, unbeaten and waiting to play the League Cup final – It’s safe to say that it was a great shame the season was cut short,” he added.

“But I’m looking forward to a new adventure in the Mid Essex League and I’m hopeful the lads can continue building upon what we have produced over the last year.”


Brian Jeeves

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