Southend’s Deputy Mayor bows out

My heartfelt thanks to residents and the Conservative Group.

Saying goodbye after nearly 17 years and four consecutive winning elections for St Laurence Ward has been stimulating and tiring all at the same time.

I have covered case work continuously and held a number of portfolios under a few different leaders and have shared good and bad times.

My personal thanks to the various library staff at Kent Elms Library, my surgery venue. Their kindness and resident support is a credit to local government.

Being negative about the last couple of years is , sadly necessary. I would have left the council in 2019 had COVID not intervened! Staying meant remaining as Deputy Mayor and being accused by one councillor of having mental health issues and finally the pernicious Labour Party tried to race bait!

The Conservative Group, were not playing that ridiculous game or contributing to a £4k price tag for the hard pressed public purse.

Saying thanks to all the lovely people I inducted to citizenship as Deputy Mayor was a pleasure, my lovely consort Mrs Alex Kaye and sometimes my husband; Steve Buckley for accompanying me and supporting the welcoming atmosphere of the occasion.

Cllr Tony Cox and my ward mate Cllr Dave McGlone have supported and shared humour with some sad blips along the way, I’m so pleased to have met both.

My enduring hope is that Southend Borough Council gets a firm grip on the fractious and troubled few, who just want to practice transference to other members of the Council and cause mayhem.

Cllr Mark Flewitt

St Laurence Ward