Spurs clash called off due to heavy snow

Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League clash with Burnley at Turf Moor has been called off due to heavy snowfall in the lead-up to kick-off.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Burnley boss, Sean Dyche, said: “As you can see the pitch re-covers every time they clear it.

“The referee explained the safety angle as well so it was important to make a decision early.

“It fell that quick and that heavy. It’s still quite strong now. [The pitch] can’t get rid of the snow that quick.

“It’s the lines being cleared as well – we would have to stop and clear them. It’s a joint decision with everyone concerned.

“We were ready for the game and I made it clear if it could be played we wanted it on – as did their manager.

“I can’t see how it could go ahead the way the pitch is at the moment.”


Brian Jeeves

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