Spurs stadium offers hospital vital support

THE TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR STADIUM has opened its doors in support of the North Middlesex Hospital’s Women’s Outpatient Services.

With NHS staff under huge pressure amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Tottenham’s home has been kitted out to support those going through pregnancy, directing them away from the North Middlesex Hospital where coronavirus patients are being treated.

Areas of the stadium currently transformed for use include the flash interview rooms where post-match TV interviews are normally conducted, as well as the referees’ area which will be used as consultation and scanning rooms.

The NFL Away changing room areas are substituting as a Maternal Day Unit, while the Media Auditorium – usually where managers conduct their post-match press conferences – but currently utilised as an NHS staff briefing space.

Other regions inside the N17 venue currently serving the NHS include the football away dressing room, now used as a Midwives Clinical Room and staff Admin Office as well as the Media Entrance and Café, now the main reception and welfare area for visitors and NHS staff.

Tottenham explained that the Women’s Outpatient Clinic operates from Monday to Saturday, seeing up to 70 patients visit every day with up to 30 staff on-site at any one time.


Brian Jeeves

Email: [email protected]