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  1. Who plays guitar on Imelda May’s song Black Tears?
  2. Who is the American businesswoman in the news for her friendship with Boris Johnson while he was London Mayor?
  3. Who has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize?
  4. Who are the two stars of The Gemini Man?
  5. In which year did Concorde make its last commercial flight?
  6. Whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop?
  7. Which country is Bangui the capital city?
  8. How many British kings have been called William?
  9. Which TV programme featured the character Hilary Bris?
  10. Which song includes the lyric “For each a road, for every man a religion”

Last week’s answers:

  1. Life on Mars
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Dame Helen Mirren
  4. Swim the English Channel
  5. A spat
  6. Richard II
  7. William Burroughs
  8. Adrian Edmonson
  9. Crozier
  10. Yellow

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