Sunday quiz

  1. Abuja is the capital of which country?
  2. Which horse racing legend is buried at the winning post of Aintree Racecourse?
  3. Whose real name is Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers?
  4. From where do the band Kasabian get their name?
  5. In which year was Mary Robinson elected as the first female president of Ireland?
  6. How is 77 written in Roman numerals?
  7. Which instrument has 47 strings?
  8. What does an arctophile collect?
  9. What currency is used in China?
  10. At what speed does a wind become a hurricane?

Previous answers:

  1. Lana Del Rey
  2. India
  3. a) 4
  4. Benjamin Franklin
  5. Curling
  6. Stockholm
  7. Julienne
  8. Watergate
  9. Watching The Detectives by Elvis Costello
  10. Nuno Espiroto Santo

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