Sunday Quiz

  1. Who said this week that she is “happy being self partnered”?
  2. Who refused to be interviewed by Kay Burley on Sky News this week, leaving an empty chair?
  3. Who is the new Speaker of the House of Commons?
  4. According to Labour MP Dawn Butler, 90 per cent of giraffes are what?
  5. Whose real name is Yvette Marie Stevens?
  6. What is the currency in Vietnam?
  7. Who scored Wolves’ first goal in the derby game with Aston Villa?
  8. Which children’s TV programme is celebrating its 50th anniversary?
  9. What is the capital city of Somalia?
  10. Which Beatles album cover did Robert Freeman shoot the photo for?

Last week’s answers:

  1. Nigeria
  2. Red Rum
  3. Brie Larson
  4. One of Charles Manson’s followers – Linda Kasabian
  5. 1990
  7. Harp
  8. Teddy Bears
  9. Renminbi
  10. 73mph

Mick Ferris

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