Sunday quiz

  1. Who has returned to Watford FC as manager?
  2. Who is the latest MP to defect to the Lib Dems?
  3. Which band released the album In Absentia?
  4. Betz cells are found in which part of the body?
  5. How many sides has a 20p piece?
  6. Who wrote The Pit And The Pendulum?
  7. A poult is the young of which creature?
  8. Which city has the world’s largest population?
  9. Which instrument has 47 strings?
  10. In which year did Mark Zuckerberg invent Facebook?

Last week’s answers:

  1. Katy Perry
  2. Amber Rudd
  3. A murder
  4. The Mediterranean
  5. Dutch
  6. 20
  7. Nudity
  8. Hydroponic
  9. Philip K Dick
  10. Ice Hockey

Mick Ferris

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